Remote learning program for deaf kids

The intensity of problems faced by children during the lock-down increases manifolds for children with disabilities. Children with deafness always struggle to fit into their families due to lack of/no communication. Their only avenue for a social life is at school, with friends and teachers. The common set of problems seen in deaf kids is high anxiety, unawareness about COVID-19, victims of violence and abuse, risk of dropping out of schools, etc.

Parents’ helpless state of Poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness, unavailability of resources, etc. multiplies the severity of these issues.

Bleetech is running a 'Remote well-being and learning program' to continue education and ensure the well-being of deaf kids while they are stuck at home. The program consists of :


1) BleeKit - A learning kit (workbook, pencil, eraser, Colouring box) delivered at home with learning content and interactivities. The workbook is specially designed for deaf children considering their special needs. 

2) BleeTV App - With content in Indian Sign Language, the app makes remote learning accessible to deaf students, also makes assessment and monitoring transparent

3) BleeBuddy - Counselling support to assist and support parents to ensure their active participation in the program. Also, counseling for deaf kids to provide constant support and avenue to express themselves with a comfortable mode of communication, i.g. sign language

The deaf kids are looking for your support to get the kits. You can sponsor one or more kids by donating BleeKits to them. One BleeKit costs INR 500/- which will benefit the kids while they wait for their schools to reopen. Help us to help them continue their education and learning in the current times!

To donate, contact: 9011079083  |   7720879172