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BleeKit: Remote learning kit for deaf kids | COVID 19 Response

BleeKit: Remote learning kit for deaf kids | COVID 19 Response

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BleeBooks: Accessible Learning Books For Deaf Students

The intensity of problems faced by children during the lock-down increases manifolds for children with disabilities. Children with deafness always struggle to fit into their families due to lack of/no communication. Their only avenue for a social life is at school, with friends and teachers. The common set of problems seen in deaf kids is high anxiety, unawareness about COVID-19, victims of violence and abuse, risk of dropping out of schools, etc.

Parents’ helpless state of Poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness, unavailability of resources, etc. multiplies the severity of these issues.

During COVID pandemic and lockdown, Bleetech has designed a new program to encourage kids to engage in learning activities from home. Bleetech’s new learning solution consists of:

1) BleeBooks:

BleeBooks are specially designed for deaf students with stories and activities for deaf kids. These books are also connected to the BleeTV Library app through QR codes, which gives them access to content in Indian Sign Language.

2) BleeTV App:

 With content in Indian Sign Language, the app makes remote learning accessible to deaf students, and also makes assessment and monitoring transparent.


"BleeTV App is a revolutionary platform for our deaf students. Bleetech has made a wonderful platform available for us to present educational content through entertaining videos. During the Covid lockdown, the set of BleeBooks given to our students by Bleetech is proving to be a boon for our kids.


Attractive pictures and visuals, activities for language development, Maths puzzles, Covid awareness related exercises everything has made the books very engaging for our students.    


BleeBooks have been a big source of happiness for our students during this time!"

- Principal, Mukbadhir Niwasi Vidyalay, Umari, Beed