Ongoing Activities

Learn Indian Sign Language_7D

This is a 7 days course to learn the basics of Indian Sign Language from our qualified deaf teachers. 

(For hearing learners)

INR 1500/-

Learn Indian Sign Language_14D

This is a 14 days course to learn the basics of Indian Sign Language from our qualified deaf teachers. 

(For special educators and teachers)

INR 2000/-​​

Other Initiatives


We conduct

1. English Learning Workshop for the Deaf individuals and

2. Sign Language Workshop/ Sensitization Workshop for everyone. Get connected if you want to arrange a workshop for a group of your friends, colleagues, students.  

Accessible Video Making

In this world of information, very small percentage of information is accessible to a deaf person.

Our aim is to create and host quality content in Indian Sign Language and make it available for everyone. If you want to create such videos or make your existing content accessible, say hello to us, now! Together let's make the world accessible :)


BleeTV is a digital platform for the Deaf and hard of Hearing community. With more than 12,000 users from 15 different states of India and neighboring countries, BleeTV is the perfect channel to reach out to the Deaf community.

If you want to host your content on BleeTV, want to do market research or have an idea and want to test it out, we would love to collaborate!


Indian Sign Language is a full fledged language which majority of Deaf population in India uses as their first mode of communication. If you want to make your event accessible, we would be happy to provide you interpretation services.

For people who don't know what is interpretation:

'A sign language interpreter interprets voice into sign language and vice a versa.'

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